- Are you single? - No, I'm plural!
Yeah, I already see "one hundred seventy five" and so on.
Happy New Year and all that)

I'm lying on my bed listening to music.
I should sleep, but I don't.
At least here I can say that it's freezing outside and our water supply froze as well. But not all, thank Merlin)
We still have a working sink with hot and sometimes cold water.
I found time and some power in me to study yesterday.
Yay, Photoshop, you're going to be mine to rule!

I feel myself useless and trapped and wait for summer only.
Hey, you, whatever is it out there! I need all of our plans to work and be sucsessful.
You hear?
Just do it.
We'll do what we can.

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2017-01-09 в 11:44 

couch dweller
a monkey stole my juicebox
Just do it.
ok, mate.

2017-02-18 в 02:26 

- Are you single? - No, I'm plural!
couch dweller, thanks :D