- Are you single? - No, I'm plural!
Sometimes my mother makes me feel bad.
Like when she says:
- We'll buy you new beautiful clothes when you lose weight.
And I need to walk around in old worn clothes. Thanks, mum...
Like only thin people need to wear beautiful and new clothes.
And no, I'm not fat. To be "standard pretty" I need to lose ten kilos.

- Your multicook is shit because I did put in it potatoes and after five more minutes - half a kilo of buckweat. And the potatoes didn't boil!
We have a bet: she will put a usual pot on a electric stove and try cook same way she did. She says potatoes will boil.
If I lose, I'll buy her a big icecream.
Same goes another way round.

- You were in Metro mall with us, I remember it clearly!
But I swear I wasn't. I've never been in Metro mall in my life.
I don't have a card, my father did and he could take only his wife, my mother.
She says I'm the one dellusional.

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