- Are you single? - No, I'm plural!
Sometimes I think if I had more brains I would totally have had another life.

No, I'm not complaining.
Money problems, as they are, are going to be solved.
And for other things in my life I should only be thankful.

I mean about the past.
Somehow I thought that this life is just a preview and I'll be given another one to live. But not very long ago I found out that this life is going to pass and I'm just doing nothing worth doing - I just swim with the stream.

I would have gone with this man, if I had more brains. Maybe I was going to be ruined afterwards, but I will never know now.
I would have changed my University, if I had more brains.
It's still possible to learn the real thing, the thing that I would like, and try myself in every possible likeble jobs to find the meaning of life.

Sometimes I feel myself worn out, though I'm not that old.
But I can't create anymore.
Where did my inspiration go?

And still I believe that it'll all pass and it'll be fine and good.

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