- Are you single? - No, I'm plural!
I have a gentle disposition.
And that's why I was working very hard on one of my jobs.
I had four bosses right above me and many others above them.
And they had the courage to say to me that I did so little!
And how could I not be able to do all the work they give me!

When I did quit this job they took on my place three girls.

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- Are you single? - No, I'm plural!
I can say I was in an abusive relationship.
He was very good to me at the start, but as the years passed, he started nagging me about everything: my family, my friends, my hobbies and myself.

When I ended this all, thanks to my friends and family, I couldn't believe how blind I was.
Why I allowed him to step on my pride, my beliefs, my family, my opinion and my freedom?
For fear of change? For stupid money?
For love that, from his side, never existed?
I have no answers to that.

And yes, I hate to argue.
But I learned now how to do it. It's essential for me and every other person with such character as mine.

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- Are you single? - No, I'm plural!
Sometimes I think if I had more brains I would totally have had another life.

No, I'm not complaining.
Money problems, as they are, are going to be solved.
And for other things in my life I should only be thankful.

I mean about the past.
Somehow I thought that this life is just a preview and I'll be given another one to live. But not very long ago I found out that this life is going to pass and I'm just doing nothing worth doing - I just swim with the stream.

I would have gone with this man, if I had more brains. Maybe I was going to be ruined afterwards, but I will never know now.
I would have changed my University, if I had more brains.
It's still possible to learn the real thing, the thing that I would like, and try myself in every possible likeble jobs to find the meaning of life.

Sometimes I feel myself worn out, though I'm not that old.
But I can't create anymore.
Where did my inspiration go?

And still I believe that it'll all pass and it'll be fine and good.

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- Are you single? - No, I'm plural!
I have two lovers.
Both are married.
It's just sex.
Still, I can't get rid of one of them or even both. Two much is between us. And men are easily offended.
I do like them, besides the sex, we are friends.
They, of course, don't know about each other.

And I found out that I don't need sex very much. Maybe there just wasn't so many partners in my life.
Those two above are as good as they can be, but not accepting everything I want and in reverse.
I can say, if combined, they'll be good.

If you're going to say to me that I'm bad or worse - save your breath. I know everything about myself. No one should judge.
No one is sinless.

That's why I'll close comments for this one.

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Hello everyone!

- Are you single? - No, I'm plural!
Today I decided to write in a new diary and to write in English.
I found out that it's easier for me to say about some things in English, that's why.
I have many thoughts and many stories I can't tell in my other diary.
No one of my friends should know.
So I hope to stay incognito.

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